Here at 7th Heaven Floors of Bella Vista, we sell hardwood floors. Duh, right? Well, being salesmen for all of these years in the hardwood flooring industry, we’ve come to learn a few things: that most people interested in hardwood floors often don’t know what they want. Is this a problem? Absolutely not!

However, if you’re in the market for hardwood flooring you’ve probably already come to the realization that it’s an investment worth making – but only IF you manage to find the perfect floor. That’s where a salesman comes in to the equation, to help you find the perfect floor based on your needs & wants.

Our point is that most consumers simply do not know what they “need” or even what they may “want” in a hardwood floor. When salesmen detect this, they will ask you certain questions attempted to bring out these needs and wants.

FAQs to Think About Before Searching for Hardwood Floors

The questions you use below you most likely will hear from hardwood floor salesmen. The benefit of having access to these questions beforehand are that it will give you time to think about your response, which will help narrow your perfect floor down.

1. What’s your lifestyle like at home?

Are you retired, do you have teenagers still living the house? Children? Pets? Constantly on the go or more relaxed? The answers to these questions will greatly narrow your choices down because certain species of hardwood floors work better than others for certain lifestyles.

2. Is your home built on a slab, over a crawlspace or basement?

If yes, then undoubtedly the salesman will direct you towards engineered hardwood floors which work very well for these environments over solid hardwood floors.

8 reasons to choose engineered over solid hardwood flooring.

3. What’s your home décor like?

Do you find that you lean more towards a formal, traditional, casual, country, modern, or rustic approach? Or perhaps something else not listed here? The answer to this question will certainly drop a huge clue to your salesman on what type of flooring to consider: smooth, hand scraped, distressed, etc. as well as the type of color that may be preferred to match your décor.

4. Do you expect your wood flooring to look the same 10 years from now?

It’s important to be realistic about what you’re getting vs. what you want. Hardwood floors naturally will change over time due to sunlight, general wear and tear, temperature fluctuations, etc. If this is a large concern for you, then it should be made known upfront.

5. How long do you plan on staying in your home?

Hardwood floors may last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Most people don’t plan on leaving their home anytime soon, but it’s still worth asking to gauge. If you know for sure you will in or the long haul, then you may be directed towards most high-end flooring options that are made with better care and quality versus affordable floors that may be more suitable for those only staying in their home for a couple years or so.

Now that you know what types of questions salesmen will ask, here’s our other guide on what you can ask your salesman (which essentially go hand in hand with each other).



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